About Sattriya Akademi

 The Sattriya Akademi was established in  1998. It has been taking many useful plans and programmes for extantion and expantion of the sattriya dance under the able direction of Padmashri Recipient Nrityacharya Shri Jatin Goswami. The insitution has been giving emphasizea in the performances of this dance form in a presentable manner so as to attain a respectable status in the national scenario. Sattriya Akademi has been trying it's best to bring out trained Sattriya dances under the leadership of Padmashri Sangeet Natak Akademi awardee Sri Jatin Goswami and Provakar Goswami.

 The Akademi has been organizing an annual Sattriya dance festival named Nrityanjali since 2000 in Guwahati.

Sadhana Darpan, a new program with senior artist of the Akademi has been organized and it will continue in future.



 1. To work for the preservation and promotion of Sattriya Dance Music and Drama ( Ankiya Nat) of Assam introduced by Sri Sri Shankar Deva in the last part of 15th century.

2. Organize training programme workshop Lec/Dem of the Sattriya Culture (Dance, Music and Drama) and to make it popular to other parts of the country.

3. To work for the development of art and culture of North-East, particularly the culture of Assam.

4. To organize Lec/Dem and performance of the other dance and music forms of the country in Assam.





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